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Writing. For many years my official title has been ‘health journalist’, but I have written many feature articles for newspapers and magazines on a variety of topics, with health really being a special interest.

The SBDC offers training workshops presented by industry experts who provide concrete, how-to information.

Leave with practical advice, tools and resources to immediately apply to your business. Looking to write a business plan?

The Larimer County SBDC also offers strategic planning through the Building a Business Plan course. Collins College of Business graduates integrate knowledge, technical competence and interpersonal skills to launch successful careers in today's global economy.

Undergraduate and graduate students can expect classroom learning that fuses a solid business foundation with hands-on work solving complex problems. Sep 18,  · Whether you're already a recognized leader in your field or you're just starting out, a published book is the cornerstone of establishing yourself as an expert, whether it be a work of fiction or non-fiction in the fields of business, history, archeology or any subject.

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Writing a book requires a. Best American Travel Writing (The Best American Series ®) [Lauren Collins, Jason Wilson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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“ The Best American Travel Writing has been the gold standard for short-form travel writing from newspapers. Business Grammar and Vocabulary. Improve vocabulary and grammar for business. Free English for Business resources.

Download resources for English for Business. Download Collins ELT order form.

Collins business writing
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