Mark twain margin writing a business

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Mark Twain was a prolific writer, working first as a journalist before writing his books.

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While his self-deprecating style might lead one to believe he was haphazard in his approach to his craft, we understand he routinely churned out around 4, words a day, disappearing into his study after breakfast and not reemerging until evening.

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As Ernest Hemingway famously said, “The first draft of anything is shit.” For years, I didn’t understand. When I started writing fiction seriously, I kept trying to get it right the first time. PROVIDENCE, R.I.

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If ever there was an American literary giant, Mark Twain was it. He was somehow larger than life — loved for both his stories and his outsized wit and personality. Yet did you know that one of the books Twain wrote was a flop? It’s true. His autobiography was a failure by most objective standards.

A bibliography, by definition, is the detailed listing of the books, journals, magazines, or online sources that an author has used in researching and writing their work.

Mark twain margin writing a business
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