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Business plans are very worthwhile even if the company your are developing is not in need of funding. That said, the traditional 30 to 50 page business plan is more a thing of the past. The StratPad Business Owner's Workbook is a very short, easy-to-read primer on business planning.

It asks you the appropriate questions about your business, and provides a great way to think creatively about your business and get your thoughts in order. StratPad. Alex Glassey, Related: Apps To Help You Write A Business Plan. This section goes into detail on the format to follow and also offers sample plans for you to use as a template.

You can also read through articles offering expert advice and do’s and don’t of business plans. 2. “This is a great find for any entrepreneur or business. Helped me organize my ideas and polish up my business plan – lives up to the description, great resource to have – worth every penny.” “I love this app!

It does exactly what it says it will – makes strategic planning painless and, most importantly, makes it easy to operationalize the company’s plan. Once you've answered the questions, StratPad takes all the information you've given and creates a usable summary business plan, complete with fully integrated financial.

Generally, the strategic planning software that is available in the market is a premium version. You will be able to contact the manufacturer and request for a demo before you would purchase it. The purchase will be for a single system use so if you want to buy it for the entire team then you can do so.

Stratpad business plan
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