Transport business plan in mumbai cablenet

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Franchise Business Opportunity

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It's difficult to sustain a goods transport business profitably unless you have a fleet of trucks. Depending on a single vehicle would be risky since there may be transit delays, mechanical breakdowns and you may not be able to service connected bookings. Jul 11,  · Will like to start a small logistics company, i mean with just a good van and providing the service of moving goods from one place to the other for any company or individual.

JNPT needs to follow through the commitments of services in timely manner so as to maintain the public relations which results in growth of the business. They should pay attention to the needs of the customer and fine tune their operations accordingly. Mumbai-Pune, Ahmedabad-Vadodara, Delhi-Chandigarh, Delhi-Jaipur, Delhi-Agra, and Bangalore-Chennai, demand the buses & also the luxury coaches will be expanded phenomenally in coming years.

Already India’s bus transport business is so huge, and India ranks among the top. It helps you to plan your daily activities like dispatch, godown space availability. Warehouse Management This is comprehensive module to manage your warehouse with specific areas for specific goods,along with cold storage, hazardous material storage etc.

Transport business plan in mumbai cablenet
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