Travis jeppesen object oriented writing a business

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Photo reportage from Travis Jeppesen’s exhibition ‘Word’ at Rupert

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Travis Jeppesen: Object-oriented Writing

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Travis Jeppesen

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Travis Jeppesen is a novelist, art critic and poet. His novels include The Suiciders, Wolf at the Door, and Victims. He is the recipient of a Arts Writers Grant from Creative Capital/the Warhol Foundation.

16 Sculptures, his foray into object-oriented writing, was published in book format by Publication Studio, featured in the Whitney Biennial [ ]. Travis Jeppesen is a writer and artist based in Berlin.

Travis Jeppesen

He is the author of several novels, including The Suiciders, Victims, and Wolf at the Door. In addition to his art criticism, he is known as the creator of object-oriented writing, a metaphysical form of writing-as.

Object-oriented writing could be thought of as a parallel creative practice to object-oriented ontology. As ofDisorientations also includes links to Jeppesen's published art reviews and essays online, as well as miscellaneous poetry, fiction, and essays he has written, much of it.

“Word“ is an exhibition of new works by a writer and Rupert’s artist-in-residence Travis Jeppesen. For more than a decade, the young American novelist and poet Travis Jeppesen has been regarded as one of the more iconoclastic practitioners of literary art criticism in his essays, reviews, and hybrid texts.

Jeppesen’s works appear as the progression of a long career that started in writing. Object-oriented writing is a process developed by Jeppesen as a result of. Travis Jeppesen’s other novels include The Suiciders and Wolf at the Door.

He is the recipient of a Arts Writers Grant from Creative Capital/the Warhol Foundation. He is the recipient of a Arts Writers Grant from Creative Capital/the Warhol Foundation.

Travis jeppesen object oriented writing a business
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